Insurance & OH&S

Insurance and Occupational Health and Safety (OH & S) Policy

All Tidy Cleaning is highly committed to provide and improve the Occupational Health & Safety of its employees and clients. All Tidy Cleaning is aware of the requirement to meet the OH & S compliance standards and has been continually improving and maintaining the OH&S compliance standards applicable to the business.

The management of All Tidy Cleaning acknowledges the importance of health, safety, and wellbeing of the staffs and regards it to be a crucial aspect for the business to maintain its employees Occupational Health and Safety.

By adhering to this policy, as far as practically possible All Tidy Cleaning aims to ensure its staffs and clients are safe from the risk to health and injury that may occur during the operation of the business. All Tidy cleaning has been dedicated to getting awareness on the current industry standards, to further make the workplace safe for the workers. It has been committed to improving the OH&S system, and as a foundation for its OH& S system, it has adopted.

Workers Compensation

Insurer: Icare Workers Insurance
Policy Number: 190971301

Professional Indemnity

Public liability Insurance & Product

Insurer: AIG Australia Limited
Policy Number: BIZ4918CMB
Sum Insured: $20 Million
Expiry: 19 November 2020
Management has a responsibility, and it will continually perform following duties to maintain the OH&S system.
  • Plan and Commit to develop and maintain sound OH&S system.
  • Deliver and maintain equipment and make sure to keep a work environment that is safe from any health hazards.
  • Make proper arrangements for secure handling, storing, and transportation of the equipment and materials.
  • Effectively communicate with the employees and consult with them for the improvement of the OH&S system.
  • Provide adequate training, resources, and information to the employees and to all the ATC’s team members to enable them to fulfill their duties without any hindrances.
  • To achieve ATC’s objectives clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the staffs and all other team members within the business.
  • Establish the duties of the managers and supervisors for evaluating and maintaining the occupational health & safety and wellbeing of the employees.
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