Quality Policy

All Tidy Cleaning and its team committed to work for the satisfaction of the customers and provide quality services to them.

Responsibility of Management

Management of All Tidy Cleaning will be highly dedicated and work effectively to achieve great results and high position in the market by:

  • Providing quality services to our customers in a consistent manner.
  • Creating a great work environment by giving priority to teamwork and create a productive working system.
  • Making sure to comply with all the relevant obligations and work consistently to enhance the efficiency of the Quality Management System.
  • Making sure to maintain the reliability of the Quality Management System.
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Responsibility of Contractor and Staff

Workforce operating from the different level in All Tidy Cleaning are accountable and have the power within their specified roles to:

  • Observe, analyse and identify any quality issues.
  • Offer solutions to solve any work-related quality issues.
  • Take appropriate actions to avoid any service contravention.
  • Maintain the quality of the service carried out.
  • Validate the effectiveness of the proposed solutions and manage future situation unless the identified problem is under control and is in an acceptable condition.
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