What is Strata Complex Cleaning and Why a Strata Caretaker is Required?

In Australia, there are around 2.6 million strata title lots where commercial properties are also developing. Under these strata titles, strata buildings have become a commonplace of investment for people because strata living is reasonable and affordable for people who seek an affordable home and retail area. However, the need for strata cleaning from strata cleaners has increased drastically with time.

What is a Strata Title? Do You Really Need a Strata Caretaker to Maintain Your Property?

People purchase a strata title when they purchase a townhouse, apartment, or unit. This means that once you buy your share of the lot, you won’t just be the owner of that particular lot (townhouse, apartment, or unit) but you will also be owning some sections of the building and the common spaces. Strata cleaning is necessary to keep the property maintained.

These common spaces will include the parking area, entrances, gym, swimming pool, lift, lobbies, garden, and other external and internal areas. Hence, with the maintenance of your individual lot, you and all other lot owners will have the responsibility to maintain the common areas of the property. Similarly, it becomes your responsibility to get perfect strata cleaning service to take care of your space.

This is what strata title means and if you are planning to purchase any lot, it would be helpful for you to understand this term.

What is Strata Complex Cleaning?

Strata complex means living in any apartments or retail establishments that run under joint titles and not on separate titles. Strata complex cleaning is not about cleaning the individual units, but it is cleaning and maintaining the common areas and spaces of the strata buildings. If the common areas of the strata complex aren’t kept clean, it will create a dirty environment and health hazards.  Strata cleaning provides all the services of a commercial cleaning where all the resources and attention are given to clean, maintain, and enhance the property. A maintained property will be the first choice for any tenants out there. However, the responsibility and aim of any strata cleaning company should be to maintain the cleanliness and condition of the building.

Duties of the Strata Cleaners to Maintain Your Property

Strata cleaners will have the responsibility to clean the car parks, lifts, garden areas, mailboxes, and garbage rooms. They will perform garbage hosing, which generally means cleaning the bins. They will also shampoo the carpets and clean the windows. When talking about windows, external window surface should also be cleaned. It is also important to clean the lobby areas in a time to time basis. Similarly, hard floors must be washed and scrubbed. The cleaner’s duty includes keeping an eye on any spots on the common areas. Moreover, inform the management if they see any damage or cleanliness issues. From cleaning spider cobwebs to cleaning the fire escapes, all these works fall under the cleaning duty of a strata commercial cleaner. Strata cleaning companies will know ideas to clean complex areas with ease and perfection.

Focus Area of Different Types of Strata Cleaning Companies?

There are several areas that a strata cleaning company must focus on. The first thing would be cleaning the property as per the requirement. The second thing is maintaining the building by cleaning lifts, carparks, mailbox, lobby areas, garbage bins, and garbage areas. The third is cleaning the garden area. The fourth would be managing buildings by identifying and reporting any cleanliness and damage issues to the relevant service providers. Different types of strata management companies will provide various services as per their specializations.

However, it depends on the choice of a strata management supervisor to hire a single commercial cleaning company to get all the services at once or to choose a separate service provider for gardening, cleaning, maintenance, and management services. The residents of the building can determine their cleaning needs and communicate with their building supervisors to get the best out of the cleaning services.


Living in a strata complex has gained massive popularity in Australia because of the benefits one will get from this system. Owners who have contracted with the strata cleaning companies can be tension-free as they don’t have to worry about cleaning and maintaining their property time and again.

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