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Strata Cleaning Service- Sydney

All Tidy Cleaning specializes in strata cleaning as we have been delivering strata cleaning services to several strata complexes in Australia. We are a company that performs commercial cleaning in Australia. We have offered strata cleaning services to more than thirty strata complexes throughout various areas in Sydney. Our customers appreciate and love our work. Our team is available to help you out with your queries regarding any strata complex requirements. All Tidy Cleaning is also a strata contractor in Sydney and strata management is a job that we perform in an exceptional way. All Tidy Cleaning is prepared to solve your questions and help you get the perfect deal you want to get for your strata cleaning.


There are several areas that our cleaners work on when delivering strata cleaning services. We scour the property as per the requirements of our customers. Similarly, we clean and maintain any strata complexes by washing lifts, car-parks, mailboxes, lobby areas, garbage bins, garden areas, and garbage areas. Our cleaners assist professionally by identifying and reporting any cleanliness and damage issues to the relevant service providers. Moreover, clients all over Sydney love our strata cleaning and strata management work.

Any residents of strata buildings can determine their cleaning needs and communicate with their building supervisors. Furthermore, their building supervisors will try to get the best out of the cleaning service from All Tidy Cleaning. We always look forward to hearing the feedbacks and cleaning needs of our valuable customers. Strata management is at the core of All Tidy Cleaning.

Are You Paying Too Much To Your Strata Cleaner? Try All Tidy Clenaig For YOur Strata.

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Strata Cleaning cost depends on the client’s requirement. However, the costs of services in All Tidy Cleaning are very affordable.

Strata cleaning can look complicated at first. But once you handover your building’s cleaning job to our cleaners, they will take all the responsibility to clean and maintain your strata building and its spaces. If you want to get a perfect cleaning service for your strata building, you can switch to  All Tidy Cleaning. We are always here to serve you and solve your all the cleaning related issues. We deliver excellent strata cleaning services at a reasonable cost.

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Top 5 Areas That Should Be Given Attention For Quality Strata Cleaning.

Are you in search of a best strata cleaning company in Sydney who can provide you professional strata cleaning services in an affordable price range?  You are at the right place; All Tidy Cleaning has been delivering professional commercial and strata cleaning services to hundreds of residences in Sydney, and we can get all your cleaning requirements covered.

We can understand how difficult it becomes for residents to maintain the cleanliness of their residences and to maintain a strata property regularly.  However, now things have become much more comfortable, and you can hire a professional strata cleaning company to clean your strata buildings or property.

Nevertheless, some areas need great concern when cleaning a strata building, and we have provided you with the lists of some of such areas that require significant attention when cleaning so that the overall maintenance of a strata property can be ensured.

Lift/ Elevator

For any strata building or office premises, cleaning lifts are immensely important. Similarly, it is a closed space where plenty of germs gets a chance to breed. In addition, hundreds of people may use lifts on a daily basis and leave their body’s germs by sneezing or coughing. Hence, it becomes a necessity for any strata cleaners to perform regular cleaning in the lift. So that people who use the lift can be safe from unwanted germs or viruses.


Gardens are challenging to manage; however; it shows the beauty of any strata property, and it needs excellent maintenance daily. Similarly, gardens need trimmings and removal of weeds on a regular basis as if not maintained, can ruin the surrounding of any strata buildings. If you hire a professional strata cleaning company, they can help to clean and maintain the garden of your property regularly.

Basement/ Car parks


Car parks need regular cleaning as the tires of a car may carry a lot of mud and germs. Similarly, car parks are the area in any strata complex which must be swept. Likewise, all perky items should be removed from this space so that it won’t create any damage to the tires of the cars. However, if car parks are dirty, there is a high possibility that you may carry the mud from driveways to inside the building.

Hallways and Lobbies

Similarly, hallways and lobbies are the shared space that most of the residents of a strata complex pass by. Hence, it is highly important to clean this space every day. Moreover, to assure proper hygiene of people, lobby areas need to be maintained regularly.

Bin-rooms/ Chutes/ Bins

Bin-rooms are the dirtiest space in any strata buildings or residences. Moreover, all the infected garbage bins get collected in bin-rooms. Likewise, It’s essential to disinfect all the bins on a time-to-time basis so that germs cannot breed in there. Therefore,  to maintain the hygiene of the residents, bin- rooms should be cleaned and mopped thoroughly.

In addition, you can now imagine; how necessary it is to maintain and clean a strata building regularly. Strata owners and residents need to maintain the spaces in a strata property by appointing professional strata cleaning companies. Moreover, strata companies can help to clean and maintain strata complexes and buildings in a professional manner.

At All Tidy Cleaning, we can get all your strata and commercial cleaning requirements covered as our team is made up of trained cleaners, and we use quality cleaning products and equipment to fulfill our client’s cleaning requirements. Contact us today to book an appointment.